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About us

Our Mission is to promote chess and learning in a fun environment.

The Queen City Chess club is comprised of the original Regina Chess Club membership, bringing 45 years of history and experience to the new organization. We have seen considerable growth since our reorganization in January 2015. We held the first CFC rated tournament that Saskatchewan has seen in over a decade in July 2015. Tournament attendance has also greatly increased. We achieved a record high in October 2015, with 41 players in attendance. Weekly attendance has increased to an average of 20 people per night, and we have expanded our social media presence with our new website, Facebook page, and Instagram. We obtained sponsorship and are now in the process of putting on the most prestigious chess tournament in our little provinces history! We will continue to find ways to encourage chess in the community.

We meet every Thursday at 7:00PM in the Riddell Centre of the University of Regina. We also hold large chess tournaments four times a year. Our club is open to anyone, from beginners to grand masters.

If you have any questions or ideas for the club, please contact us.