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The Queen City Chess Club - A recap of our past two years


The following articles were written by John McIntyre, the former president of the Regina Chess Club. They are here to honor his memory. R.I.P.Chess Trek: The Adventure Awaits

Green is the Colour - DOWNTOWN PAWN PUSH 2014

Seven Deadly sins - Summer Sizzler 2014

Rain, Rain, Go Away - JUNE BUG 2014


Green Easter Eggs & Ham - IDES of MARCH 2013

The Dirty Dozen - SPRING FLING 2013

The Knights of the Round Robin Table - MAY DAY 2013

The Sound of Music - BUGHOUSE BONANZA 2013


Mighty Casey Wore a Hat - IDES of MARCH 2012

Some Guys Have All the Luck - Spring Fling 2012

Signpost Up Ahead

The Weyburn Chronicles - JUNE BUG 2012