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Mighty Casey Wore a Hat (2013)

It was a bright, bright, bright, sun-shiny day. - but it was not a rodeo, and the atmosphere was far from blue.

The temperature outside soared to 15c - a rather uncommon occurrence for the beginning of March in the prairies, but the heads remained cool and collected as Regina-s version of the Mudville Nine took to the boards as the IDES of MARCH rolled into the RCC...

Nine competitors put forth their best efforts to claim victory, and some did so more than others. The RCC-s version of Sampson took down the house a couple times and the Top Junior Prize went uncontested to Avram Tcherni. And although he did not match Sampson, young Luke Argue once again showed his Jedi Potential and Prowess and had his 2nd consecutive Prize winning tournament, capturing the 2nd Junior spot - This is not the King you-re looking for...

The strongest performer of the event was Zachary Linott, who posted a commendable 4/5 on his way to a strong 2nd place overall finish, dropping his only match to the eventual tournament winner - some old, dinosaur named Casey... err... Johnny.

The event welcomed a challenger who travelled the long and winding road known as a Saskatchewan Highway to the field of dreams to play the game he had not played for years. Josh Hanna made the journey from Estevan, oddly enough, passing many fields along the way, both of dreams, and snow-covered fallow, and winter wheat, and many prairie hockey pucks. Truly, a big thank you goes out to Josh for his effort and congratulations on his return to tournament chess.

TD & Report

John McIntyre