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Rain Rain Go Away

The Rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain, but in Regina, on an oddly cool Saturday in the middle of June, while the Rain was falling outside, Kings were falling inside at the Cathedral Centre as the June Bug Tournament saw a dozen dry souls battle for the title.

After several months of cancelled tournaments and pent up frustration, the dirty dozen June Bugs were busting out all over to put their chess skills to the test in a long-awaited tournament situation.

But, along with elevated levels of desire to perform and excel, there was plenty of rust on the participants, as the exclamations of 'crap' and 'oops' and 'oh no' were flying through the air like moths around the back porch light. Still, there were some beautiful combinations, clever tactics, and deep-reaching strategies that paved the way to the finish line.

Jerry 'Blitz' Young took full advantage of all the niceties and posted a perfect 5-0 score to capture the title, as he giggled his way through the day, happily grasping victory from the jaws of defeat, even Johnny's Jaws.

Newcomers 'Jack' Ryan Donovan and Chris Gran Prix showed that they knew their way around the chess board, and, their way around the App Store, as they both put a pair of wins on the scoreboard and provided much needed and very cool chess clocks on their phones. More importantly, and much more appreciated, both players showed their good will by graciously giving away some valuable pieces to their unforgiving opponents (yer welcome!) - it's always nice to see new players at a tournament and never disappointing when they are 'nice' to the veteran players (thanks boys!)

First time tournament players, but seasoned (or perhaps just a little spicy) club players, Tom, Tom, the Boshoff Son and Christopher Robin Werchau, performed with less remarkable carnage, but more Samaritan results, posting 3 and 2 pts respectively. Sir Tom did have a chance at glory but in this episode of Tom & Jerry, Jerry was left laughing while Tom's game got a little too much like and episode of Itchy & Scratchy.

Chris was very 'nice' to Jumpin' Johnny 5 in the opening match, and John spent the rest of the day thanking him. (damn lucky John).

And, the event had a honourable competitor from a far away land, yes, we shall say it once again, a land of Torque and with Way better roads than we have - we shall call it Torquay. The wonderful world of Torquay sent us Robert the Bruce Graham, who came on a quest to lay waste to the rainy plains of Regina, but ran into some stiff resistance and could not muster enough Torque to find his Way to the bounty that awaited the most successful competitors, finishing with 2 pts.

In one of the strangest ties of all time, 3 players tied for 2 prizes, 2 of those tied for 2 other prizes, and those same 2 were also tied with a different 3rd player for another prize. And when all the rainy dust settled on the Regina June Bug plain, Avram Tough Tcherni, Andrew They Call Me Bruce Li, and Jon the amazing Kress-kin split the marvellous bounties of Top Under 1700 and Top Under 1500, all posting an impressive 3pts.

The other participant in the Twilight Zone Tie Breaker Episode was Luke Skywalker Argue, and he 'walked' away with the Top Junior Prize

A great day of competition, comradary, and especially great pizza (I am always easily impressed with tasty food, what can I say?) made June Bug 2014 a great success.

So, until the next call to battle, I bid you all adieu!

Thanks to everyone who helped set up, clean up, and make the event a good time for all. Even Philip Deep From the Tarr Pits, who showed up late, thought he had to leave shortly thereafter, found out his conflicting event got cancelled, ended up staying for the entire tournament, graciously donated his clock for use by other player, and did not play a singe game himself - Bravo, Sir Philip!

TD & Report

John McIntyre