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Seven Deadly Sins

It was a warm and sunny July day for the 2014 edition of the Regina Chess Club' Summer Sizzler chess tournament and a hearty band of seven players took to the boards in hopes of chess supremacy... and some delicious pizza for lunch.

The event saw the return of and old chess soul, thought to be lost to time and to the ravishes of time and harsh realties of life, but no, Lyndon'illegal move' Soerensen was there to blitz his way to the top, and his plan was going well, until a foray of illegal moves left him losing to John after taking a early free pawn, then losing in the final round, the'money game' to Zach Attack Linott which featured not one, not two, not three, not four, but FIVE illegal moves - none of which were claimed - in the final 2 minutes of the game. A game that both players could have won, but which ended in a draw, and relegated BOTH players into a 2nd place tie (oops).

Yes, the tournament was won by Lucky John as his opponents were exceptionally nice to him. Only Avram Tough Tcherni did not feel like being nice and posted a victory he and his reckless abandon will never forget. He likely would have done better overall if he had spent less time watching World Cup Soccer on his Iphone.

A seven player round robin featuring seven deadly chess sins (ok, they weren't really deadly... and there was probably more than seven committed), but the gluttony (Nathan devouring pizza matched by the devouring of many pawns and pieces) was the most prevalent, but as a result, Christopher Robin Werchau, winnied his way to the Top Under 1500 prize, despite a little'pooh' against queen-less John.

Despite all the deadly sins of the Summer Sizzler, no animals were harmed in its production - although a few ratings and egos were chipped.

Thanks to everyone who helped set up, clean up, and make the event a good time for all.

TD & Report

John McIntyre