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Some Guys Have All the Luck (2012)

The day began with an overcast sky. It looked like it could rain... again... and yet, the players came to play. Some came wearing hoods; some came wearing hats; knit hats, ball hats; some had enough hair to be its own hat, others had enough hair to have only a hat!?

Some came with a clock, some came with two. Some came with an ipad, some came with red shoes.

Some came for the first time ever. Some did better than ever.

Some games ended quickly, some games ended late.

Some were lucky to win. Some were unlucky to lose. Some just avoided all luck whatsoever and played the best chess they could.

After all the pizza had been eaten and the wonderful smell of all the fresh baking downstairs had long since overwhelmed the players, a familiar name sat atop the leader board. John McIntyre was lucky enough to be able to persuade his 5 opponents to 'be nice' to him as he scored the perfect 5-0 to take the Spring Fling 2012 Title. It was rumored his only strategy was "just pin, baby".

The biggest surprise of the tournament was Avram Tcherni, who steamrolled his way to his best score ever at an RCC Event, beating newcomer Akeen Olatunde to score 4pts in a wild and frantic finish in the last round.

Max Liu was the Top Junior with 3pts and Howard Li and Josh Soifer tied for the Top under 1500 Prize.

Congratulations to first time Tournament players Jordan Deminchuk and the aforementioned Akeem for posting very respectable 3pt results.

Some extremely interesting and exciting chess was played - gambits galore, games over in less than 5 minutes, and even a fool's mate "by mistake" ! - and that's just Akeem and Jordan!!

Some of the players definitely showed their special talents while others showed their special education.

TD & Report

John McIntyre