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The Knights of the Round Robin Table

A hearty band of 8 fearless Knights came to the Cathedral Center in Camelot, to sit across from each other at the fabled Round Table in a battle of wits at the 2013 May Day Open.

Now in truth, the tables were actually rectangular in shape, and these particular Knights wore no armour and bore no weapons - although Sir Johnalot did wield a sword that looked a great deal like the cane of a feeble old man - save that of their sharpened wits, heightened senses, and fierce competitice spirits (except for Sir Andrew of Li, who seemed reluctant to engage anyone, and drew almost every match he was in).

This was not a knockout tournament. This was not even the more benign Swiss Style Tournament (whoever heard of a Swiss Knight anyway!) This was a Round Robin, where everyone had to face you, and you had to do battle with the greatest Knight of more battles than could be cited, and the lowly Padawan who was still working the squeaks out of his shiny, unfrettered accoutrements. There were some epic clashes and some quick and one-sided beat-downs, but all fought gallantly, and all fought with pride.

Some fought for the glory, some fought for the riches, some fought for the opportunity to get to the feast before the food got cold, but they all fought to the bitter end... well, most of them did... and Sir Nathan of Fuller did have to leave early because the Lady Amber of Peebles-Fuller beckoned (ok, his mom said he had to leave at 3pm).

And while Lady Sherry of Argue didst also come beckoning for her Knight, Sir Luke-a-had, she did permit him to finish his last battle and leave the not-so-round table he was seated at with honor (and unfortunately, a loss to the young upstart Knight, Sir Avram of Tcherni, fresh from the Crusades in Jerusalem, or Saskatoon, I always get those two places mixed up. (and... ok, that was Luke's mom, too).

Some glorious battles took place in the Great Cathedral Cener, which saw the return of Prince Philip of Tarr, who showed he had not only not forgotton his way with the Knights and Bishops, but did himself proud as he finished the tournament in a tie for 2nd place with Sir Zacharius of Linott - the master of the Zack Attack - who nearly took down the Black Knight (more like Black & Blue) Sir Johnalot, who limped to the Champion's Podium to drink the nectar of he God's from the Golden Chalice (ok, it was a Diet Coke, but the can was really shiny).

Sir Avram and Sir Andrew claimed the rest of the accolades and finished on the podium as well, and took away a bountiful reward which Sir Avram tucked away inside his armour, while Sir Andrew appeared to have a great willingness from his family to assist him on spending his riches.

Everyone experienced the joy of victory, at least once that day in Camelot, and while one Knight left with a heavy heart and temper afire, the Knights of the Round Robin Table fared well on their quest for the Holy Grail (which looked an awful lot like Sir Nathan's water bottle).

Thanks to everyone who helped set up, clean up, and make the event a good time for all.

TD & Report

John McIntyre