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The Weyburn Chronicles (2012)

June was busting out all over and Summer was but a couple of days old as JUNE BUG 2012 kicked into action with chess players from far and wide gathering to display their chess prowess.

While some came early - Nathan - and some came late - Alex - and some came from the wrong side of the tracks - Akeem - the most notable participants were the Brothers Grimm, aka, the Sidloski Chess Crew, who made the trek from the far away lands of Weyburn to try their hand at tournament chess for the first time.

Despite having never played with a chess clock, never played by tournament rules, and never playing anyone besides themselves and various anonymous online opponents, the Brothers Grimm performed admirably with Jude Sidloski emerging the hero, scoring 3 wins out of 5 games and capturing the TOP UNDER 1400 prize! Kjel Sidloski, the elder of the clan scored a more than respectable 2 pts, while the youngest, Kayd got some invaluable tournament chess experience and will hopefully avoid repeating the draw he was forced to accept after failing to mate with a Bishop & Knight (Akeem, can you show him?).

Hopefully, this will not be the last time Regina Chess sees the Sidloski Crew, and perhaps, even more visitors might come in the future.

Meanwile, back at the ranch, Luke Argue continued his streak of high performance chess as he once again made it into the prizes, taking the TOP JUNIOR spot with a score of 3.

Lucky John was awarded the title thanks to a bizarre spatial implosion againt Justin Kline who simply 'ran out of places to move' and then a touch move faux pas by 2nd place finisher Akeen Olatunde - oops!

Thanks to everyone who helped set up, clean up, and make the event a good time for all.