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Upcoming Tournaments

We will be holding three more tournaments in 2018, during the Spring, Summer, and Fall. Dates and details to be posted shortly.

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Previous Tournaments

2018 South Saskatchewan Chess Championship (Feb 16-18, 2018)

This tournament broke every record - Featuring $8000 in cash prizes, 65 contestants, two National Masters, two FIDE Masters, and 160 epic games of chess. We would like to thank all our participants and their families for attending this event. Thank you for supporting chess in Saskatchewan.

Final Standings

University of Regina Fall Chess Tournament (September 23, 2017)

The 2017 Fall Chess Tournament attracted 48 competitors and over 60 people to one of the best chess tournaments in the prairies! We teamed up with the Confucius Institute and the SSCA to hold Chinese chess and Junior chess sections. This event featured Chinese chess culture, free pizza/salad/donuts/coffee, and a whole lot of chess. Congratulations to our winners!

1st, 2nd, 3rd:
Open Section: Marcos Valentino (1st), Rey Castillo (2nd), Ronald Fernando & Brandin Titanich (3rd).
U1600 Section: Andrew & Austin Knutson (1st), Avram Tcherni (3rd).
Junior Section: Ameya Kekre (1st), Siddhi Dahale (2nd), Stefan Cismaru & Dhiviyan Thileepan & William Sorgard & Abigail Sorgard (3rd).
Chinese Chess Section: Kevin Fu (1st), Raymond Wu (2nd), Hang Shi (3rd).

Ratings and crosstables

Regina Open (July 8, 2017)

This marquee event drew in players from Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Brandon, Arcola, and all across the prairies to fight for their right to be the Regina Chess Champion! This was the strongest Regina Open we've had so far- over half the players in the Advanced section were rated over 1900. On behalf of the Queen City Chess Club I would like to thank everyone for coming out to support chess in Saskatchewan.

Advanced Section: Regina's own Harvey King returned to the chess scene to take first place! This is not the first time he has won this event. Winnipeg's own Gustav Baron conquered second, and Saskatoon's Ronald Fernando came in third. Young up-n'-comer Theo Wolchock won top Junior, and Gilbert Perez proved tough in his first ever CFC tournament, winning the Top Under 1800.

Novice Section: Magnus "Carlsen" Maur took first place with a perfect score of 5-0! Ibo Makhwaje won second place in his first ever CFC tourney. Third place was a four way tie between Fernando Dusaran, Avram Tcherni (Also Top Junior Under 18), Dustin Olson and Alan Li (Top Junior Under 12). Congratulations everyone!

Updated Saskatchewan ratings

Cross tables.

University of Regina Spring Chess Tournament (May 27, 2017)

The annual Spring Chess Tournament is normally our smallest event of the year. Students have gone home and people are on vacation. Somehow that didn't stop 30 chess players from competing! Surprisingly, half of the players that showed up had never played in one of our tournaments before. On behalf of the Queen City Chess Club I would like to thank everyone for coming out to support chess in Saskatchewan.

Congratulations to Kyrylo Demchenko for once again taking first place! Kyrylo also donated 6 gadgets as prizes from his online store, Memory.

Congrats to Dustin Olson, Siddhi Dahale and Alan Li for taking first place in the Under 1500 section! Siddhi and Alan are only 8 years old. When I was their age I was just learning how the pieces moved!

Updated Saskatchewan ratings

Cross table.

2017 South Saskatchewan Chess Championship (February 17-19, 2017)

Wow, what a weekend! This tournament was the most prestigious event we have ever held. We drew in players from accross the country, and battled against some of the toughest competition in Canada. Thank you to everyone for coming out to support chess! We hope to hold this event this time next year.


Congratulations to NM Daniel Kazmaier and Isaac Wiebe for taking first place with 4.5/5. Saskatachewan's own NM Robert Sasata and Nilo Moncal tied for third place. Jeremie Piche conquered the reserved section, with Mark Linnick as the runner up. Third place reserved was won by players Todd Paget and Ken Einarsson. The Top U2000 prize was awarded to Saskatchewan players Jerry Young, Rey Castillo and BC player Aaron Both. Top U1600 was won by Emerich Bartha, and Top Junior was awarded to Ethan Eckert.

Cross Table
Saskatchewan Ratings Update
Event Photos

We would like to thank the Regina Hotel Association and Saskatchewan Lotteries for sponsoring this event and helping to bring competitive chess back to this province!

2016 University of Regina Fall Chess Tournament (November 6, 2016)

This event combined forces with the Scholastic chess association to bring chess enthusiasts from all ages and skill levels together. The president of the Queen City Chess Club took first place (a first), followed by Brandin Titanich and Waldemar Friesen who tied for second. Nicolene Claassen won the Under 1400 section, and young up-and-comer Alan Li achieved first place in the Youth section.

We would like to thank everyone for coming out to make this a great tournament! This tournament was a true representation of what we at the Queen City Chess Club are about – an amalgamation of different players of all strengths and ages coming together to enjoy chess.

Updated Saskatchewan ratings

Click here for the tournament results.

2016 Regina Open Chess Tournament (Aug 13, 2016)

The 2016 Regina Open was an exciting CFC rated tournament held in the beautiful Hill Tower II. This is Saskatchewan's only recurring CFC rated tournament. This high stakes event boasted 2 sponsorships and 19 of Saskatchewan's strongest chess players. Players drove in from 3 hours away in all directions to attend. First place was won by Kyrylo Demchenko with a perfect score of 5/5. Second place was a three-way tie between Rob Eisler, Jerry Young, and Joel Gonzales (3.5/5). The top Juniour prize went to young up-and-comer Andrew Li. The Top U1700 prize was awarded to Spiro Lattore, an unrated player from Saskatoon. All in all, this was a top-notch tournament.

A Special thanks to our sponsors The Regina Downtown Business Improvement District and Kingside Investments & Insurance for helping support chess in Saskatchewan!

Updated CFC Ratings

Updated Saskatchewan ratings

Click here for the tournament results.

University of Regina Spring Tournament (May 28, 2016)

Our Spring Chess Tournament arrived a little late this year. Nevertheless, it was a worthwhile event. This time around we tried a two-section tournament, under and over 1400. The reigning champion Kyrylo Demchenko took first place with a convincing 4.5/5 points. Second place was awarded to newcomer Danilo Botoy, and third place was a four-way tie. The under 1400 champion was Ricardo Urrutia, followed by Patrick Boldonado. Our top Junior player was awarded to up-and-comer Donovan Harkness. Congratulations to our winners, and thank you to all of our participants for supporting chess in Saskatchewan! I would also like to thank the Saskatoon Chess Club for making the trip to help make this a great tournament.

Click here for the updated ratings.

Click here for the tournament results.

University of Regina Winter Chess Tournament (Jan 16, 2016)

With a new year comes a new chess tournament. We would like to thank everyone for braving the icy roads to make this event happen. 27 people attended, ranging in skill from near chess masters (2100 rating) to absolute beginners. Congratulations to Kyrylo Demchenko for taking first place uncontested. Congratulations to Stuart Brammall, Rey Castillo, and Muhammad Zaid who all tied for second place with a convincing 4/5 points. The Top junior prize was awarded to young Colby Weliver. Our biggest upset was Justin Kline, who had a performance rating 500 points above his actual rating.

Click here for all the updated ratings.

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University of Regina Fall Chess tournament (Oct 3, 2015)

With a whopping 41 people in attendance, this was our biggest chess tournament yet! Congratulations to Stuart Brammall and Rey Castillo for taking 1st and 2nd place. Congratulations to Kyrylo Demchenko, Mikel Dilitzer, Ole Jakob Hegelund, Muhammad Zaid, and Joel Gonzales who all tied for 3rd place. Thank you all for participating and supporting chess in Saskatchewan.

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Regina Open Chess Tournament (July 11, 2015)

This was a CFC rated tournament, held on July 11 2015. It was the first one Saskatchewan has seen in over a decade. Kyrylo Demchenko and Rey Castillo tied for first after 5 rounds, but Kyrylo took first in a 5 minute sudden-death blitz match. We would like to thank the Saskatoon Chess Club, and everyone else for participating and supporting chess in Saskatchewan.

Click here for all updated ratings.

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John McIntyre Memorial Chess Tournament

Held on Saturday, April 11, 2015. This tournament was held in memory of our club's previous president, John McIntyre.

Congratulations to Kyrylo Demchenko on coming first place.

Full Results

Mitch Game Series 2014

A weekly club event participated by many different players each week

Leaderboard Results

Jim Robinson Memorial 2014

Held Saturday October 11th as a very lucky seven souls took to the tables to battle for the JR Title and enjoy the excitement of the Vintage Clothing Bazaar taking place below the tournament floor. The terrible trio of Rey Castillo, Francois Crepault and John McIntyre tied for the Title, while Avram Tcherni took the top Under 1600 prize.

Full Results

Downtown Pawn Push 2014

Held Saturday August 30th 2014. This tournament was one of the best attended and competitive events in recent memory. Coming out of a long chess hibernation, Not-so-young Brandin Titanich completed a perfect tournament return to take the title uncontested. Tom Boshoff took the top UNDER 1700 spot and Andrew Li took the top UNDER 1500.

Full Results

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Summer Sizzler 2014

Held Saturday July 5th 2014. This tournament was a seven player round robin with lost of action and some wild & whacky chess. John McIntyre survived to take the title while newcomer Chris Werchau took the top UNDER 1500 spot.

Full Results

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June Bug 2014

Held on Saturday June 14, 2014. This tournament was a well attended event that was won by Jerry Young. Top Junior was Luke Argue.

Full Results

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Bughouse Bonanza 2014

Held on May 10, 2014. This wild & whacky "team chess" tournament featured 12 teams and drew a great number of onlookers in the hallways of the University of Regina Classroom Building as part of the U of R Science Fair. The event was won by another VULCAN MIND MELD